programmes en science

ⒸNishma Nussbaumer

Science in an integral part of UK culture. Our work in science encourages Franco-British collaborations and develops the skills of young researchers and those of their successors. We work in primary and secondary schools supporting best practice in STEM education for students and teachers. 


The Hubert Curien Alliance programme funds Franco-British scientific collaborations between early-career researchers who work in cutting-edge areas of research and innovation. 

Science in Schools

Running science workshops in English in primary and secondary schools is a great way to combine science and language learning. It encourages students to see researchers from another angle and they discover the researching profession through an international lens.

Famelab International

How to communicate science to a wider public is a growing priority for researchers around the world. FameLab helps young people acquire valuable skills to communicate their work in an accessible and engaging way to a non-scientific audience.


SchoolLab is the junior version of FameLab. The programme equips French secondary students with skills in science communication, research investigation and English oral expression.