De Blogueur du British Council

09 mai 2011 - 14:40

From 5 to 29 May 2011 will be held on International Choreographic Encounters of Seine-Saint-Denis, an annual festival of contemporary dance with, in ten rooms of the Department, the work of 25 companies from 16 countries. This is an overview of the current artistic creation that offers the general public to discover unique works, shocking and disturbing, echoes of a fragile world in search of meaning.

This year, two British artists are invited to present their creations to Tanzplattform Deutschland. First Anna Krzystek , choreographer and performer based in Glasgow, creating his own choreographies since 1997 after studying with Merce Cunningham and Barbara Mahler. In single FIGURE THIS, Krzystek Anna uses her body as a raw material and questions the notion of waiting through a series of gestures and short movements, sometimes brutally interrupted, suddenly revealing the silhouette of the choreographer, putting exposing his true identity and his own privacy. 

This is the inverse of the work Nigel Charnock , from Manchester, performer, choreographer and director who made ​​his classes in drama before joining the London School of Contemporary Dance. After co-founding the company DV8 Physical Theatre with Lloyd Newson, it forms the Charnock Company in 1996 and has since created or choreographed more than thirty pieces. Nigel Charnock is not interested as to the movements of the body, its presence in space, and the history of this body, its wounds and scars. His work is similar to that of a biographer who takes a look at both funny and tragic about his life, his love, and even death. One Dixon Road, the creation will be presented at the Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil, whose title refers to the address of the house where Charnock was born, is a piece that reveals the genesis of love choreographer for the dance. "I remember that when I was five, says Charnock, I was dancing in the living room of my parents on one of the songs from Mary Poppins, and I still dance since. One Dixon Road is why I dance, therefore I move, so I'm on stage and expressed my surprise that my body is still like dancing! » 

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"FIGURE THIS" Krzystek Anna, 24, 25 and 26 May at Colombier Bagnolet.

"One Dixon Road" Nigel Charnock on 28 and 29 May to New Theatre de Montreuil.