Photo of a British Council student talking to his teacher

Our Legal English courses build on your existing knowledge of English, providing you with vocabulary and phrases specific to the legal world through engaging and motivating classes.

Prepare with the world's English experts, and you will:

  • develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in the context of legal English
  • focus on topics that specifically interest you
  • build your network of legal professionals
  • increase your confidence and fluency in English.

In case of lockdown

 We will move classes online in case of a lockdown. 

Dates and fees

Paris Invalides

31 Jan. to 6 June 2023 

€735 (30hrs)
Tuesdays 7.45 to 9.45 pm

You can pay in instalments by direct debit.

*Please inform me of the opening of future sessions.

How to get support to finance your course

Comment faire prendre en charge mon cours : CPF, employeur, Pôle Emploi