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Accelerate your career, get set for study, prepare for exams or improve your conversational skills. With expert teachers to guide you through your studies, we’ll take you on a rewarding learning journey to get you where you want to be.

From choosing lessons to setting a pace that suits you, we’ll keep you on track to get the results that you want.

Personalise your learning

Not sure where to start? We’ll book you into an online welcome meeting with other students and an online individual advisory session to create a personal study plan with a teacher. They can advise you on the best learning content for your needs: recommend MyClass lessons, MyClubs and online self-study activities. The more you do, the more you progress! 

With you for the journey

In every lesson, you’ll receive personal feedback from the teacher on your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll learn with and from the other students in your class.

Whenever you or the teacher feels it is time to increase the level of challenge, you can discuss with the lesson teacher or book an individual advisory session.

Stay on track with us

We know how important progress is to achieve your goals. Our teachers will provide expert guidance in class and every tenth speaking lesson you will be assessed by a teacher.  

Keep track of your progress and view personalised feedback from your teacher on the MyClass website or app.

Elementary (A1)

Example topics include:  

  • talking about yourself and your life 
  • introducing yourself to colleagues and visitors 
  • making and confirming arrangements 
  • describing the world around you.

Pre-Intermediate (A2)

Example topics include:  

  • developing essential career and work skills 
  • participating in meetings 
  • planning and discussing ideas with the team 
  • preparing and giving presentations.

Intermediate (B1)

Example topics include:  

  • making a great impression at work 
  • networking and building relationships at work 
  • presenting with clarity and confidence 
  • understanding finance, performance and secrets of success in the workplace.

Upper-Intermediate (B2)

Example topics include: 

  • participating more effectively in meetings 
  • describing professional strengths/weaknesses and job suitability 
  • improving communication at work in different business contexts 
  • developing your presentation skills   
  • assertive communication and negotiation techniques.

Advanced (C1)

Example topics include: 

  • communicating in global business situations 
  • handling ethical matters and financial decisions 
  • exploring technology, the digital world and the future 
  • effective collaboration 
  • business, the environment, and social responsibility in the 21st century.