You will find below the list of our English courses available on the MonCompteFormation.  They are organised by level according the the CEFR scale: 

Our courses listed on the site MonCompteFormation
Intensive English course over 5 days - 30hrs :

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How to register?

  1. book a free placement test  to evaluate your English level ;
  2. talk to one of our teachers on the phone ;
  3. consult our list of courses above and click on the link to the course you are interested in which will take you to the correct page on the site MonCompteFormation ;
  4. login or register if it's your first time ;
  5. select the dates required and click on "s'inscrire à cette session" (register for a session) ;
  6. once your request is complete, we will validate your request as soon as possible. 

NB : if your CPF credit is below the cost of the course, you will need to pay the difference when you confirm your registration.