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Designed for businesses and institutions, the Linguaskill test helps you assess the language skills needed for the workplace or for studies. It can be used for trainees, staff, job applicants or students.

The test is online and can organised on your premises for your employees or students. Contact us to find out about our prices and conditions.


Why take this exam?

  • Linguaskill is a recognised certification for CPF (code RS5871).
  • Linguaskill can be required to ensure that students have the level of English needed for a degree (e.g. in engineering schools).
  • Linguaskill makes it easy to get a clear assessment of employees English language skills. 

The benefits:

  • Online and adaptive test
  • Instant and reliable results
  • 4 skills assessment : Listening & Reading, Speaking and Writing
  • Linked to the International standards of CEFR (from A1 to C1)
  • Includes questions related to the world of work
  • Support and advice given from British Council