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08 avril 2022 - 18:48

photo de Gauthier
Gauthier being presented his prize at the award ceremony at the British Council - February 2022.

In a few months the French people are going to choose their new President. So we can say it is the time to answer some of the questions that a large share of the population has been asking for a long time, for example: “Should employers positively discriminate in favour of people with disabilities when recruiting new workers ?”. This is an idea that goes back to a few years ago. So we are going to speak about the arguments in favour in the first part, and in the second part about the arguments against.

First, we can say if we apply positive discrimination, it is to give a chance to people with disabilities to fulfill their dreams. With this positive discrimination the people who have problems can have a better view of their lives, we can show them there are people like others with a heart and a spirit who talk and think like a normal person. With this action we can fix the natural and physical inequality. in the Middle Ages, these people were left out, and they could not participate in the social life of the country because they are different. After the First World War these were some people who came disfigured, whom French people called typically “Geules cassées “. It is our work to help other people. So, it can be a solution to break this caricature. Finally, tomorrow you can be like these people because you may have an accident, and I think in that you would be incredibly happy to have a job.

Secondly, you can also say that if we do so much positive discrimination, you can be unaware to the qualities of others. The best way to restore the balance is to care for these people like normal people because they are normal. In the US ; affirmative action was adopted in the 1960s, but the Supreme Court limited its use because of numerous malfunctions. I think the people with disabilities can be as a physically normal man by their own means because they have a better vision of the world than we. I talked with some disabled people and they said to me they want to be treated like everyone else. Walt Disney said : « if you can dream it, you can do it », this is one of their many dreams and they want to win this fight, not with help but with encouragement. These men and women are usually treated like children, they want to be more autonomous and work all along their lives. These people are certainly like us, they have the same goal as ours : be appreciated for their own qualities. So we can say they are as ambitious as weare. They are our brothers and our sisters by the heart.

In conclusion, I think positive discrimination is not necessarily a good things for everyone, this is nothing but discrimination in reverse. But it might be really good for people with disabilities. It is a pity that people with disabilities are not accepted for what there are, so this not the solution. The solution is to help these people like the others. We should welcome and educates them in normal schools to eliminate this physical differences and open our spirit to our society because it is their society to. We can help them with another solution like a better preparation than the current one.  

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