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28 janvier 2015 - 10:06

Margot Sadet in front of King’s College London
M. Sadet in front of King’s College London  ©

Margot Sadet

Are you considering studying law at Master’s level in the UK and are looking for a prestigious scholarship to fund your studies? Why not consider applying for the Herbert Smith Freehills Entente Cordiale scholarship with the chance to work for an international British law firm based in Paris at the end of your studies? Margot, a French law student, provides us with some tips on applying for an LLM in the UK.

Each year thousands of students based in France go to the UK to study law. It is is a popular destination for students wanting to study a Master’s degree because of the short length of the course, only one year in most cases. An LLM* is demanding but rewarding. It is an internationally recognised qualification which enables you to specialise in your field of interest.

Margot Sadet was awarded the scholarship last year after submitting an impressive application which demonstrated her academic strengths, commitment to Franco-British links and professional objectives.

I’m currently studying European and International Business Law at the Magistère JAE in Nancy. This three year course of study combines the traditional “licence”, “master one” and “master two” with additional, more technical and specialised disciplines, and there is the opportunity to go abroad. In my third year I have been given the opportunity to study abroad. I applied for an LLM at King’s College London for the academic year 2014/2015.

I have always had a taste for international law and getting the chance to study it from another law system point of view is very rewarding. Furthermore, London is a cosmopolitan city not only pleasant to live in but also to work in since it is a very dynamic business place attracting lots of international business law matters.

I’m aware of the opportunity given to me by being selected as an Entente Cordiale scholar and I will be sure to make the most of it professionally and personally and to help strengthen the Franco-British community.

Margot’s top 4 tips when applying for an LLM in the UK:

  1. Check several LLM rankings, and not only one because all of them are different, and there is no “right” one. It is useful to get a general idea of the universities you can apply for.
  2. Check the universities’ website to see if they propose LLM in the law field you are interested in.
  3. Do not hesitate to apply to several LLM and to follow the proceedings until you have an unconditional offer from the LLM you really want.
  4. If you have the possibility to talk with someone who did the LLM you are interested in, it is always helpful to do so because he/she can give you some precise tips and advice.

Applications are now open for the Herbert Smith Freehills Entente Cordiale law scholarship commencing in September 2015.

*LLM = Legum Magister (Master of Laws)