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Fluxus Art Projects supports emerging visual artists and curators at a key moment in their international career, funding artist exhibitions and curatorial visits on both sides of the Channel. The scheme is managed in a three-way partnership between the British Council France, the Institut français and the French Ministry of Culture. 

Through two open calls a year, Fluxus supports a selection of group or solo exhibitions and curatorial residencies, bringing the French and British scenes closer and supporting connections between artists, curators and arts institutions in the UK and France. Every year around £100,000 is awarded to successful projects selected by a committee of arts experts from both countries.

Fluxus has funded projects by more than 150 exciting and innovative contemporary artists since its inception, including Anthea Hamilton, Ryan Gander, Laure Prouvost, Neil Beloufa, Marguerite Humeau, Lucy Skaer and many others. 

Fluxus also has a growing programme for patrons, who contribute almost a third of the overall funds through individual tax-deductible donations, and are based in France and in the UK. 

Through Fluxus Art Projects, we are able to support around 12 exhibitions a year in France of work by UK artists, most of whom are showing their work in a French institution or arts space for the first time. Applications are made by the host institution (not the artist) and an open call for proposals is made in November and May every year. 

Eligibility criteria 

Fluxus Art Projects gives priority to non-profit organisations and bilateral exchanges. Only the French and British organisations falling within the following categories may submit a project:

  • Art centres, museums, cultural institutions, artist-run spaces, project spaces
  • Art education organisations
  • Research centres and studios

Support granted by Fluxus Art Projects covers a wide spectrum of activities and may involve the following types of projects:

  • Exhibitions
  • Residencies of artists and curators
  • Publications
  • Commissions
  • Academic programmes or workshops

Fluxus does not finance individual projects.Applications must be submitted by production organisations or event organisers and not by the artists themselves.

Full information on the programme, selection criteria and the application form are available on the Fluxus Art Projects website.

Project selected January - June 2021


  • Emii Alrai Triangle France. January-April 2021
  • Victoria Sin Maison Populaire, Montreuil. March-July 2021
  • Online Collective exhibition Mathilde Rosier, Jimmy Robert, Marjorie Micucci, Ryoko Sekiguchi, Amalia Pica, Cooking Sections.  Tropical Papers. March-May 2021
  • Cléo Tabakian àW, Pantin. April 2021
  • Montpellier Project in Liverpool for the Biennale Mo.Co Esba. March-April 2021 
  • Une exposition mise en scène Mathieu Copeland La Ferme du Buisson, Noisiel. June 2021
  • Nicolas Deshayes Le Creux de l'Enfer, Thiers. October 2021


"The Doldrums" Samara Scott Exhibition
"The Doldrums" Samara Scott CAPC Bordeaux, détail de l’installation Belt and Road, Tramway, Glasgow, 2018 Photo : Keith Hunter