Etudiants dans un cours d'anglais intensif au British Council


Can’t commit to studying over several months but really need to improve your English? Why not dedicate a week to immerse yourself in the language, make real progress, build your confidence, and improve your career prospects and your social life? English is an increasingly important skill in today’s world so treat yourself to a course from the world’s experts. 

These 30 hour intensive English courses are based on authentic situations and combine the four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. They are dynamic and use a communicative approach, encouraging you to speak and live the language. 

Benefit from qualified and experienced English teachers. The classes are organised into groups of students who have the same level of English and are 100% face-to-face. You can also trust in the world’s most comprehensive online learning resource to reinforce what you do in the classroom.

Take this intensive English course for adults with the world’s experts and you will:

  • gain confidence in your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
  • be taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • improve your pronunciation.

Course information

  • Levels

    Pre-intermediate(A2) to Upper Intermediate (B2).

  • Location

    Paris Invalides

  • How to register

    Book a free level test. Choose a time and come and meet our teachers to do the test. 

  • Course format

    Group classes, 100% face to face, 30 hours over a week.

Dates and fees

English language centres Dates Fees
Paris Invalides
10-14 Feb
2-6 March
23-27 March
14-17 April
11-15 May
8-12 June
22-26 June

720€ (30 hrs)

Course Format

30 hours. Watch this video to learn more about our courses.