Following the announcement of the BULATS withdrawal, please note that the British Council will organise the last BULATS session for individual candidates 8th July 2019.

We will provide you with your BULATS test report form immediately after your test. The BULATS results are based on the CEFR levels and they are valid for 2 years.

BULATS Test location

BULATS sessions take place at British Council Sevres, 12 rue Lecointre 92310 Sevres.

Register Online

You can register and pay for your BULATS test online : register now

When starting your registration, you will have to choose your test module, location and date, enter your personal details, select a payment method and confirm the registration.

BULATS test modules are :

  • Reading and Listening (this test is an adaptive module)
  • Speaking
  • Writing

To get complete assessment of your language skills we recommend that you take all three BULATS online tests. Each test can also be taken separately according to your needs.

Test results are available immediately after the session. On your BULATS certificate you will see your name, the name of your company/organization/school (if necessary), the date you took your test and your results in CEFR level (from A1 to C2) scoring you on a scale from 1 to 100.

Time and pricing

10:00 - 12:00  between 12:00 et 14:00  one week before the test date, if places still available €77.00

Why take this exam?

Reading and listening

  • Assesses listening and reading skills, and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Pinpoints ability quickly and accurately by using adaptive testing techniques. As you progress through the test, the computer selects and presents each question on the basis of the previous answer.
  • Your result is available immediately at the end of the test.

Speaking and writing

  • Assesses speaking and writing skills in a foreign language in a business context.
  • Results are available within 7 days.

Topics include:

  • buying and selling
  • products and services
  • the office and general business environment
  • entertainment of business clients
  • business travel
  • human resources
  • training and development
  • marketing

Exam format

Reading and listening

BULATS reading and listening online test uses adaptive testing techniques to pinpoint ability quickly and accurately, from a beginner level to an upper-advanced level. As the candidate progresses through the test, the computer selects the next question on the basis of the previous answers, becoming progressively easier or more difficult until a consistent and accurate level of ability is determined. The adaptive nature of computer-based BULATS means each test is virtually unique.

BULATS reading and listening test lasts approximately 1,5 hour.

Speaking and writing

BULATS online speaking and BULATS online writing are two computer-based online tests. Questions are presented to or heard by the candidate via the computer screen and the candidate’s responses are recorded and assessed later online by one or more examiners.

The BULATS online speaking test lasts approximately 15 minutes.

The BULATS online writing test lasts approximately 45 minutes.

The speaking test is in five parts:  

  • Part 1: Interview – eight questions about yourself and your background/work/future plans (e.g. 'What is your job?').
  • Part 2: Reading aloud – you read eight sentences aloud.
  • Part 3: Presentation – you are given a work-related topic (e.g. the perfect office) to talk about for one minute.
  • Part 4: Presentation with graphic – you are given one or more graphics (e.g. pie charts, line graphs) with a business focus (e.g. company exports) to talk about for one minute.
  • Part 5: Communication activity – you give your opinion on five questions related to one scenario (e.g. planning a conference).

Writing test is in two parts:

  • Part 1: You type a short email/letter/message of 50–60 words. Part 1 is a compulsory task and contributes one-third of the final mark.
  • Part 2: You type a report or a letter of 180–200 words following instructions. There is a choice of tasks for Part 2 and it contributes two-thirds of the final mark.