Do you want to study in the UK? IELTS can help you get there.

Over 600 UK universities and higher education institutions accept IELTS for proof of proficiency in the English language. The IELTS test gives an accurate reflection of your ability to understand, read, write and speak English. 

Find out who accepts IELTS in the United Kingdom.

IELTS is also a test accepted for immigration of non-EU citizens by the UKVI (UK Visa and Immigration, formerly known as UK Border Agency).

To find out more information about studying in the UK visit Discover You, a study portal by British Council.

To apply for undergraduate or postgraduate courses in Britain visit the UCAS website.


If you are not an EU citizen and you are applying for a visa to move to or remain in the UK, there’s an IELTS test for you. You can find more information in our IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration section.

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